About Us

We started this adventure about ten years ago after spending a week on the beach, enjoying family and friends. I found how wonderful my skin and feet felt after playing in the waves and enjoying rubbing my feet in the sand. Trying to feed my creative side I decided to figure out how to get that same feeling working my 9-5 and never seeming to get to the beach. So I started making soap..... and after many bad batches and hundreds of hours worth of research Bahama Jane's " Beach Feet Sand Soap" was born.  

As with all of our products we do not test on animals, only family, and friends. The good news is with every new product they are wonderful and let me know what they like and what they believe could be improved upon. 

We love our customers and I hope they enjoy us as well. Each product is produced in small batches with care. We like to keep things simple and as we move forward in this adventure we promise to keep our products as natural and as simple as possible while providing the results that we all look for in our skin care. 

Enjoy...... Jane ❤